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Tournament Rules

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Entry Fee: $750 by May 15, 2014 & $1,000 after May 15, 2014

Calcutta Insurance: $1,000 (½ of Calcutta)

Calcutta: $1,000 opening bid.  Points for Billfish only (if aboat does not sell, it will be forced bid on the boat for $1,000)


Blue Marlin Released: 500 points

Blue Marlin Weighed In:: Blue Marlin must be 105 inches long from the tip of the lower jaw to the fork of the tail to receive the bonus points of 1000 points + 1 point per pound (ie: 106” 550lbs Blue Marlin earns 1550 points) . Blue Marlin weighed in under 105 inches only receives 1 point per lbs (ex: 102” 400lbs Blue Marlin earns 400 points). There are no bonus points for fish under 105 inches. You lose points for weighing fish under 105 inches (release points would have been worth more).  The rules encourage the release of all fish under 105".  All Blue Marlin must meet State and Federal size limits to qualify for this tournament. Smaller fish will be disqualified.

White Marlin: 150 points (release only)

Sailfish: 100 points (release only)

Release Points System: Video of all Billfish released with object of the day AND time and date stamp on the video. Video must clearly identify the species. When there is doubt, points will be granted for the lesser of the two species. Each team is responsible for their own camera equipment.  A billfish pulled over the gunnel, into a tuna door or otherwise brought into the boat will be disqualified for release points.


Side Pots (all optional):

Yellowfin TunaWahooDorado 
$500 $500 $500
$1,500 $1,500 $1,500
$3,000 $3,000 $3,000

Side Pot Entry Across the Board: $15,000

Departure: Boats may depart from Freeport/Surfside at 2 PM or later Thursday June 26th. All boats will be allowed to BAIT FISH prior to lines in on June 27th at 12:00AM. BAIT may not be any species in the tournament. If a species in the tournament is caught before lines in, it must be released.

Weigh-in: All boats must weigh-in by BOAT in Freeport, TX @ Freeport Municipal Marina on Saturday June 28th by 8 PM. Your team must be inside the jetties and checked in with weigh master by 8:00PM to weigh fish. 1 minute late and you will not be able to weigh fish. The only exception to this is if you are offering assistance to a distressed vessel. These cases will be reviewed by tournament committee before the fish can be weighed.

Fishing Times: Fishing begins Friday, June 27th at 12am (midnight). Fishing ends on Saturday, June 28th at 4:30 pm.

Rules: Jungle Rules. All fish MUST be caught on a conventional rod and reel and boated by hand or gaff. Ie. No harpoons or electric reels. No shooting, explosives, entangling devices, nets, longlines or other non-sporting devices may be used. Fish must be weighed in edible condition. This rule will be strictly enforced. Remember to take plenty of ice and insulated fish bags. Boats may not pool catches nor transfer ANY catches from on boat to another. All fish must remain in the weigh master’s possession until the end of the tournament or until released by weigh master. Boats weighing fish will be responsible for those fish after weigh- in. This includes Blue Marlin. No mutilated or frozen fish will be accepted. A boat may fish as many lines as desired. All fish must be caught in accordance with State and Federal Laws.

Leaders: The combined length of the double line and leader (this included wind-ons) shall not exceed 40ft. This leader must be touched by a crew member to qualify for release points, or windon must enter rod tip (clearly).  

Reporting: Contestants will contact a committee boat on VHF Channel 68 immediately after boating or releasing an eligible billfish. It is not necessary to call in hook-ups, only catch or release information. It is also not necessary to call in tuna, wahoo or dolphin. For released billfish the committee boat will also record the time of release. Be sure the committee boat gets your information. A list of committee boats and contact information will be passed out at the captains meeting.  If you can not reach a committee boat on VHF, please call in via sat phone.  However, lack of reaching committee boat or calling in will not be grounds for DQ.  

Tie Breaker: Highest score determines the winner(s). In the case of a tie, length prevails. On released billfish, if the score is tied, the boat catching the most blue marlin releases wins. If still tied, the boat with the earliest release time wins. If there is a tie between boats with weighed fish and released fish, the boat with the most weighed points wins.

Disputes/Polygraph:  There will be a $500 non-refundable fee to file a dispute.  The deposit will be returned only if the protest is upheld. The Tournament Committee will resolve all disputes and their decision is final.  Disputes will be limited to a violation of tournament rules.  Polygraph will be given to the 1st place billfish winner.  

Hooks: Circle hooks must be used for natural bait. 

Dorado, Wahoo, and Yellowfin Tuna: All of these species must be of state and federal size limits to qualify for this tournament.  Smaller fish will be disqualified.

Pay Scale:

3 2 1
1st 60% 65% 100%
2nd 30% 35%
3rd 10%
Side Pots
3 2 1









We as a tournament will not with hold any money from the Calcutta or the side pots.  Necessary taxes may be deducted.

All members of a team (on the boat) that are required by the state of Texas to have a valid fishing license must do so. All boats must have a current HMS Angling permit




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